A Packaging out of standard, not a simple detail but a trademark of quality.

Nothing is left to chance.
Quest for perfection and elegance in the production of our articles is our motto.

We aim for the packaging to become our, and your, best calling card.

Packaging can’t be resumed as a practical choice for the transport of products.
Each packaging shares a story and a philosophy that make it unique and inimitable.

FL Medical is synonymous with quality. The same quality and research that we decided to communicate with our “packaging”.

A strong and distinctive feature, unique in its kind and in the laboratory market. A natural evolution.

The two colors, green and white and the new study of the logo have marked a new direction in recent years. They became our signature and a synonymous with continuity which mirror our new packaging.

The categories


The logotype

A link between our history and our future.

The white

Nothing is left to chance, especially the color of the packaging, symbol of organization and cleanliness of our production chain.