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PROMED ® - Tips, Pasteur pipettes and serological pipettes

Tips, Pasteur pipettes & serological pipettes

While transferring liquids, two of the main technical necessities are precision in dosing and suctioning the liquid. These requirements are completely met by F.L. Medica pipet tips, whose design guarantee a perfect hold on the micro pipette; moreover, the materials used are specifically chosen in order to completely avoid the presence of residual parts of the liquid on the surfaces.

Pasteur pipettes are also an essential product, largely used in every laboratory, and they are the ideal solution for transferring and dosing the liquids in a precise and secure way.

F.L. Medical serological pipettes are available in several graduations and configurations and are at the base of the daily work in hospital, examination, research and industrial laboratories; they are well known for their quality and reliability.