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Inoculating Loops

FL Medical disposable inoculating loops
FL Medical / Microbiology products / Inoculating Loops

Sterile inoculating loops are widely used in microbiology and biotechnology to transfer and inoculate small amounts of microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeasts, from one substrate to another. FL Medical disposable inoculating loops, consisting of a thin, resistant polystyrene loop, hard or soft, allow an optimal inoculation process: a perfect sampling of the microorganism for an easy transfer to another substrate, in order to obtain pure cultures. With their effective design, the inoculating loops allow to take precise amounts of microorganisms, for simple and accurate microbiological processes and isolation procedures.


  • How do the materials used to make inoculating loops affect their performance and reliability?
    Packaging uses for our inoculating loops consist of a double layer of plastic film. This ensures the sterility of products and extends the shelf life.
  • How can the quality and consistency of inoculating loops be ensured during manufacturing?
    Quality is ensured through a control with cameras on any single loop. This is an unique innovative software solution for our products and we are the only ones to use this sophisticated system of control.
  • What factors should be considered when selecting an appropriate inoculating loop for a specific research application?
    The main characteristic of our loops is the ergonomic shape. This is an important factor to be considered when you are going to choose a new loop.
hard inoculation loop


300101 μlbag of 20 pieces
3002010 μlbag of 20 pieces
300131 μlbag of 10 pieces
3002310 μlbag of 10 pieces
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soft inoculation loop


300151 μlbag of 20 pieces
3002510 μlbag of 20 pieces
300161 μlbag of 10 pieces
3002610 μlbag of 10 pieces
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sterile – polystyrene