More space to produce, manage and store

We needed more space to produce, store, work and meet each other.

So, we decided to build a new site, which will join the two current plants created in 2011.

LEED® certification – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

All-round sustainability: this is the thought behind the new site.

Not only energy efficiency, but management of water resources, use of eco-friendly materials, lower CO2 emissions, quality and comfort of the indoor environments and implementation of innovative solutions.

The numbers that make the difference

  • 3 floors
  • 13 meters high
  • 6.000 pallet compartments
  • 8.000 total square meters 
      • 4.000 square meters for production
      • 3.000 square meters for logistic
      • 1.000 square meters for offices

The new site, realized with the multi-level construction system, will be completed by the end of 2022, to start the new year in new spaces.

Because we must always grow. This applies to people and their skills, to companies and their workspaces.