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Urintainer® 120 ml Containers

FL Medical / Containers  / Urintainer® 120 ml Containers
Urintainer® 120 ml Containers

Urintainer® 120 ml Containers

Urintainer® 120 ml Containers

Urintainer®120 ml containers

Thanks to an innovative design and the highest quality materials, the FL Medical Urintainer® 120 ml containers ensure accurate and reliable results, responding to the needs of healthcare professionals.

A daily challenge
In diagnostics, the accurate collection and analysis of biological samples, such as urine, plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients’ health conditions.
The use of reliable and safe containers is essential to ensure accurate results.

Urintainer® 120 ml containers represent a significant evolution in this industry, offering a combination of safety, convenience and advanced functionality to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and analysis labs. With the highest quality materials, innovative design and customization options Urintainer® 120 ml containers stand out as a reliable and versatile solution for sample collection and analysis.

Quality and innovation
Designed to meet the daily challenges of the laboratory healthcare professionals, the 120 ml Urintainer® containers offer high reliability and optimal performance

  • High transparency for a clear view of samples
  • Precise graduation for accurate measurement of sample volume
  • Perfect closure to prevent leakage and contamination
  • Resistant and reliable materials to reduce the risk of breakage during sample transport
  • Optional paper label for easy identification
  • Available in different cap colours for a colour-based visual identification system

Maximum attention to safety is essential at each stage of production. The new 120 ml Urintainer® containers are produced in an ISO 8 controlled environment. These rigorous procedures are adopted to offer maximum safety and quality to its customers.