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A new increase for FL Medical

8 July 2024

    A new increase for FL Medical
    FL Medical is pleased to announce the opening of its new plant, a significant step in the company’s growth.

    Innovating to grow
    The new facility represents an important step for FL Medical, confirming the company as a leader in the field of medical devices and laboratory products.
    Its commitment to innovation and quality will enhance its leadership at an international level.

    Quality, research and attention to detail
    The expansion of the working space will allow FL Medical to:

    • Increase production: with an additional plant the company will also be able to optimize production processes, increasing production capacity to meet the growing demand for FL Medical products.
    • Improve efficiency: the new plant is designed to optimize workflows and collaboration between teams, ensuring greater efficiency at all stages of the production process.
    • Promote innovation: the plant will host a new department dedicated to research and development of new technologies.
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