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Blood collection tubes and serum separator tubes

FL Medical / Blood collection tubes and serum separator tubes

Anticoagulant and Serum separator tubes line includes a wide range of products with different sizes and materials. K2-EDTA and K3-EDTA tubes are intended for hematological testing, while Potassium Fluoride tubes are intended for glucose estimation. Lithium Heparin tubes are suitable for plasma analysis. Sodium citrate tubes are used for coagulation tests. “Sedi-Rate” system, consisting of a graduated pipette and a polypropylene tube, is suitable for calculating the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

Paediatric collection tubes with a reduced blood volume are also available with K2-EDTA and K3-EDTA, Lithium Heparin and Separator Gel. Tubes for serum separation of serum are available with gel, with granules or only with coagulation activator. These tubes are made of polypropylene or PMMA. PMMA stands out for its maximum transparency, very similar to glass.